Convince Your Boss

Want to come to All Day Hey! 2023, but need to justify it to your boss or manager? Here's a template to help you convince them of the business benefits of attending (and investing in your personal development by purchasing your ticket 🎉).


I'd like to ask whether you'd consider sending me to All Day Hey! 2023 as part of my ongoing professional development – it's a single track conference for digital creators in Leeds on Thursday 4th May, 2023.

I know there are lots of tech conferences out there, but this one really appeals to me because the line-up and topics this year are so strong and relevant to the work we do here. I think it's a good opportunity to learn from some of the industry's leading experts who are working with the technologies, tools and methodologies we use daily.

In addition to supporting my own professional development, I hope that I'll be able to apply the insights I take from the conference for the benefit of the business.

I think it could also be useful for other members of the team, especially %TALENTED_COLLEAGUES_OR_TEAMS% – if you are onboard with the idea and want to extend the invitation.

About the conference

It's the North of England's leading conference for developers and designers – a single day conference and networking event, with leading speakers from some of the world's leading tech businesses.

This year, they've got speakers from Spotify, Google, Netlify, Ada Mode amongst others, and there's an industry networking event/social afterwards.

Themes include writing documentation, building a greener web, efficiency and culture and effectively managing codebases as they grow in size and complexity.

The full line-up and schedule can be found on their site.


The live conference fee is £169.99 + £13.95 in fees/tax. Ideally, I'd like to attend in person but if that isn't possible, there are live stream tickets available at £39.99 + £3.71 in fees/tax..

If you'd like more information about the conference and the organisation to help you decide, you can find it at

Thanks for considering my request – I hope you see the value in me attending.

Kind regards,