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ffconf 2022 round-up

In this episode, Josh and James explore Josh’s recent trip to ffconf 2022 in Brighton. They discuss the talks, all the highlights and takeaways raised during the conference.

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Modern API design

What is and isn’t an API? How has the technology changed over time? What are new considerations that have arisen? Hosts James & Josh discuss a variety of API’s and the benefits and faults that help refine the APIs of today.

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Beyond Tellerrand Berlin 2022 round up

This episode of Off Script, Josh and James explore Josh’s recent trip to Berlin to the single-track conference, Beyond Tellerrand 2022.

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Why you should use React Native

What are the benefits of using React Native? Where did it come from and how might it be a useful choice for your app solution? Hosts James & Josh discuss their use of React Native and how it's helped streamline app development.

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