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22nd June, 2023
My life support machine is broken

18:30 – 20:00 BST
🤝 In Person - Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen

As part of their "10 Years of Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen" celebrations, we're proud to partner with our long-standing pals Super Friendz on this special event, welcoming Vic Lee to the city.

What does it really mean to work? We'll hear from Vic as he covers how he got away from the rat race, how taking chances can (sometimes) pay off, and how being terrified is a good thing.

Vic has spent his entire career creating opportunities out of nothing, what may seem like a very unconventional path for some people. Living this way has helped him understand himself better than ever before. Being out of work, with no income, can create opportunities that would have never been possible had he stuck to a financially stable and boring job.

Vic will cover all of the above in a talk that will leave you laughing and asking some big questions about the very definition of success.

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The future of large language models

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Engineering culture

Off Script is back! This episode, James and Josh discuss engineering culture and some of the best practices and processes they’ve implemented for reliable development cycles. What’s the release process? How do you monitor the application and ensure robust code quality? How do Infrastructure and security considerations affect the development? All covered in this episode!

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2022 developer round-up

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