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Beyond Tellerrand Berlin 2022 round up

This episode of Off Script, Josh and James explore Josh’s recent trip to Berlin to the single-track conference, Beyond Tellerrand 2022.

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Why you should use React Native

What are the benefits of using React Native? Where did it come from and how might it be a useful choice for your app solution? Hosts James & Josh discuss their use of React Native and how it's helped streamline app development.

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Internet of Things

How has the Internet of Things changed how we build internet connected devices, and does this approach sometimes overly complicated things? Hosts James & Josh discuss the world of IoT, its real world applications and some of the pitfalls projects fall into.

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All Day Hey! 2022 round-up

Off Script is back with a special episode as hosts Josh and James reflect on another successful All Day Hey! conference in Leeds and via live stream. Running through the talks and the dynamics of the day, listen in for a breakdown of how it all went and their thoughts on the talks of the day.

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