Using AI to combat the disinformation crisis

Joel Mercer on 27th October, 2022 · Sponsored by IMA HOME
Artificial Intelligence · Interview · Live Event · Machine Learning · Misinformation · Privacy · Technology

What is the difference between misinformation and disinformation? In an evergrowing landscape of social media networks, news outlets and private messaging, it's become even more challenging to determine the validity of information alongside source attribution. Some of this information spreads organically and without malice as people share information they believe to be true. But there is also a sinister side to information sharing, where bad actors seek to gain something from influencing the narrative. Understanding this landscape can help individuals protect themselves and better identify false information. However, we also need to hold platforms and outlets accountable, especially as so many carry strong credibility with their respective audiences.

We sit down with Joel Mercer, Head of Product at Logically. They work to tackle the individual, institutional, and societal harms caused by misleading and deceptive online discourse. During this conversation, we'll focus on the more significant technical and ethical challenges in trying to solve problems in this space.

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