Christina Xu

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Christina started her career in Manchester for business development for the Greater China market from 2010, after two years, she moved on to the agency side of business for International marketing from 2012, starting to work with a variety of international brands from different business sectors.

During her career on the agency side, she established the services for the company with major Chinese online digital platforms, such as Baidu, 360 Search, and Tencent. She also delivered Yandex official training course in China, as a Yandex search marketing trainer. Christina regularly speaks at events sharing the best practices on how to avoid pitfalls when entering China. She has spoken at digital marketing events such as International Search Summit, Brighton SEO, and International Expansion.

She continued to pursue her career in digital marketing for the China market and started her own startup business in November 2017 in Leeds, with a specific focus on helping businesses to target the China market.

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