Leveraging Storybook for Component-Driven Development Outside Your Classic Component Library

Emma Britnor at Everyman Cinema on 2nd May, 2024 · Sponsored by Glean, IMA HOME, Stac, WRK Digital, and zeroheight
Components · Conference · Conference 2024 · Design Systems · Lightning Talk

Component-Driven Development focuses on building your UIs by starting with the individual components that are then later composed into your pages. Let’s dig into how we can utilise Storybook to promote this paradigm in the environment of large web apps that many of us work with daily.

Emma will take you on a journey from component creation and API design, to then writing Stories to document your flexible component API and composing those stories directly in your tests with the React Testing Library to encourage UI-driven testing. These are usually best practices we associate with traditional component libraries, but complex web apps have a lot to learn from adopting this approach to set them up for success.

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