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Opening Remarks

Amy Hupe – How to write sh*t documentation

Do you want to learn how to take your documentation from slightly unclear to actively obstructive? Are you looking for tips on pushing your audience from somewhat disgruntled into full-on despair?

If so, this is for you!

In this talk, Amy will deliver a masterclass in writing documentation that's guaranteed to crush the morale of its readers, and shares traps to avoid accidentally making it better.

Michelle Barker – Building a greener web

As designers and developers, we rarely pause to consider the environmental impact of our digital lifestyles – even though the internet accounts for around 4% of global carbon emissions. In addition, our industry is associated with enormous water use, chemical pollution, exploitative labour, and e-waste.

In this talk, Michelle will look at how better design and development decisions can mitigate the environmental and social impacts of the digital products we build, and the role that we as digital workers can play in shaping a more sustainable web.

Emma Bostian – Building effective cross-cultural teams

Everything we do, from the way in which we write our emails, to the method in which we provide negative feedback and evaluate performance, governs the performance of our teams. Understanding how culture impacts our efficacy as a team can drastically improve our day-to-day collaboration.

In this talk, Emma will explore: How different cultures communicate, how different cultures evaluate performance and give constructive criticism, how different cultures make decisions, how different cultures trust and how different cultures perceive time.

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⚡ Lightning Talk


⚡ Lightning Talk

Break (15 minutes)

Jack Franklin – Abstractions, complexities and off-ramps

It’s widely discussed and accepted that codebases grow in size, complexity and dependencies over time, but is this something we can change rather than learn to live with? How can we find the balance of developer experience without sacrificing the experience of our users?

In this talk, Jack will reflect on how we can maintain code over time, limit the burden of third party dependencies and have a codebase whose complexity remains stable as features get implemented without increasing the load on website visitors.

dina Amin – Making by breaking

In this talk, dina will share how tinkering and taking things apart was the beginning of her career as a stop motion artist and a maker. She will share how it all started, what she has learnt so far and the biggest mistakes she has made.

Closing Remarks


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