The art of reflection

Imran Afzal at Everyman Cinema on 2nd May, 2024 · Sponsored by Stac, Glean, IMA HOME, WRK Digital, and zeroheight
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Art and design demand imagination. It’s through imagination that we discover a better future for ourselves, our products and teams. But our self-growth also demands imagination. Imagining our future self is a form of art that we don’t have time for. We lead busy lives in a busy society. We fill our days with things to do. Rarely is there a moment to stop and think. At work, we move from one product release to the next. We design more and think less. This harms our long-term success.

But understanding the art of reflection can help change this. By taking time to think about our actions, we can learn from our experiences. This knowledge can help us evolve our mindset. In this talk, Imran will discuss the purpose of reflection and the impact of that process on our future.