All Day Hey! 2022

A single-track conference for developers and designers.

Thursday 5th May, 2022 · 09:00 – 17:00 BST
Everyman Cinema


Doors and live stream open

Opening Remarks

Emily Cressey – Design Systems - The Monster We Created

Design Systems like most things, started out as a way to make our lives easier. They help keep our designs consistent, share a set of principles and aid efficiency. However many of us struggle to maintain, at times, what feels like an untamable beast. Where are we going wrong? How can we be flexible yet consistent? Informative but not restrictive? Let's journey into the belly of the beast, to where it all began, where we're heading and how we can make our way out with limbs and sanity intact.

Stephanie Stimac – Building Beautiful Web Apps: User experience and visual design best practices for PWAs

Progressive web apps offer the ability to create an application across multiple platforms with a single codebase that combines the best of the web platform and native capabilities. In this talk we'll look at best practices for designing PWAs to create seamless and beautiful user experiences that translate from the web to desktop and mobile applications. We'll also look at how you can leverage native and web features to make your PWA feel even more performant to create an experience that leaves your users delighted.

Jhey Tompkins – Take your skills to the moon with creative coding

As developers, we're learning new skills all the time. But how can we stay creative while progressing our careers? In this talk, we'll discuss about how we can discover new tools and techniques while having fun. We'll learn how making literally hundreds of demos to unearth new ways of doing things can lead to an entirely new way of working, and most importantly, how to not take things too seriously.

Lunch (80 minutes)

Lightning Talks ×3

  • Rachel Skelton – Branding for Techies
  • Luke Murphy – Building an Illustration System
  • Joanne Imlay – Unconscious Mentoring

Break (15 minutes)

Cassidy Williams – Functional Programming in JavaScript

🌎 Remote Speaker

JavaScript is a delightfully flexible language that allows you to mix-and-match as many different programming paradigms as you'd like. In this talk, we'll throw away our loops and mutators, and explain the details of how functional programming works. Bring your editors, we'll do some fun exercises together, too!

Andy Bell – Be the browser’s mentor, not its micromanager

We look at how we can hint the browser, rather than micromanage it by leaning into progressive enhancement, CSS layout, fluid type & space and modern CSS capabilities to build resilient front-ends that look great for everyone, regardless of their device, connection speed or context.

Closing Remarks


Doors and live stream close

Social at Headrow House

All schedule times are in BST.